• Discouraging Misinformation
  • A peaceful hope for vulnerable communities
  • A helping hand in emergencies either health, wars and conflicts
  • A Rescuer in disasters

Volunteering is a unique opportunity that allows you to meet different people and form a network of relationships that guarantees your development.


IIPL Verified Volunteer Program’s vision is to develop an actionable, skilled, compassionate team of volunteers to make positive difference and to create peaceful and sustainable communities.


To develop, train and encourage volunteers to an individual committed to leadership, service and innovation to support communities, organizations and Government institutions.

Verified Volunteers Value

  • Volunteerism
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Responsiveness
  • Learning
  • Helping
  • Stewardship
  • Adaptability

Purpose of Program

Verified Volunteers Program educates and improves skills of volunteers to be ready to serve communities during any type of disaster that may impact their communities, nationally or internationally. Verified Volunteer is fully trained in basic disaster response skills which include Rescue, Fire Safety, Disaster Medical Operations.

Verified Volunteers Program focuses on nationwide approach to volunteer training and team management to make them professional enough to take complex tasks. 

Online Training

In-field Training


Institute of International Peace Leaders jointly with FAITH FOR PEACE and Pak-Saudi Friendship Forum has started a series of training to NGos, NPOs and Volunteers to empower social sector of Pakistan. Initially, training series are being started in three (3) districts of Punjab including Rawalpindi, Khushab and Lahore. The aim of the training series is to improve and further develop skills, knowledge and abilities of Verified Volunteers.

Dialogue on Inter-Religious & Inter-Faith Harmony

Training on Rescue and Diasaster Response

Workshop to Strengthen Organizational Sustainability